Cleaning Hacks

#Mummingit with the cleaning


I have to confess, I actually quite like cleaning. However, sometimes I just cannot be bothered- especially when I have a baby to entertain. This is where the baby sling comes in really useful. Why waste nap time cleaning when baby can have fun tagging along- not only can you get the cleaning done but you can also burn extra calories!


I usually pop baby in the sling, give her a peg to hold and off we go (god bless pegs).

I have found some great cleaning hacks to ensure your house is spic and span in half the time.


Cleaning the food blender

After use, drop in some washing us liquid and some warm water and blend. Then just rinse out.


Skirting boards

Use an old sock and pop over your hand with a little dusting pray and good-bye dust in the wave of your hand.


Old stains

Pour over some backing soda with a drop of water and leave for five minutes. Then rub off and your stain should be markedly reduced.


Water stains on the taps

Use a lemon to remove those stubborn water stains. Simply cut and rub over.


Oven and hob rings

This is a wonder product. Simply rub on (wearing gloves) and pop your trays in the bag with the liquid. I like to leave them overnight and by the morning all that ground on grease and burnt stuff just wipes off making everything just like new!


Black or orange mould around the shower/ bathtub

Yes I could suggest something like a mix of bicarbonate or soda and vinegar by why waste the time and energy. You can buy Dettol mould and mildew cleaning quite cheap and all you need to do is spray and leave for an hour. Go back and your mould literally wipes away. I wouldn’t use anything else and this saves any time consuming scrubbing (best not to have baby in the sling for that one though!).


Banish odour’s

Do you know by popping a dryer sheet over your radiator or simply spraying on some air freshener can ensure your house is filled with nice smells?



Pop that trusty sock back on and in a bowl mix a few drops of vinegar and a spoonful on bicarb with warm water. Dip your sock hand in and then you can rub down each blind- easy.

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