Merry Twixmas (…and self care)

So i’ve researched the term Twixmas and I came up blank?

Apparently all I can find is that it means the period between Christmas and New Year. Bit disappointing really, thought i’d find an exciting background there. Maybe its based on the box of celebrations, all the good choices have been eaten by the 26th so all that’s left are the Twix? If you know please share in the comments.

Anyway, with the non wisdom shared, i’ve been using the last few days to really switch off. I’ve barely crossed the threshold, the washing was piled high and we were dining on chocolate and mince pies.

Today we decided to blow off the cobwebs and so, whilst Steven did a few jobs, I got on with gutting the house (Hinchmas style). I even started to tackle the HUGE washing load (2 x coloured washed, 3 x darks and 2 x whites). With that all in hand we all headed out on a bike ride.

Lewis got one of these Mini Rocker bikes. It is actually like a little clown bike. Huge oversized handle bars and a tiny tilted seat. Charlotte got a balance bike, really cheap from Groupon, but we opted for the old Micro Mini Scooter for ease. It was actually so, so nice to be out. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the air was crisp and we never even argued (well maybe a wee snipe here and there).

Whilst walking I just felt so appreciative of all we have. Its so easy to just focus on the negative and towards the end of the year here I have been feeling burnt out, disconnected from Steven and irritable with the kids. I realised that this Twixmas period has honestly been food for the soul. A real chance to just completely chill out. No deadlines, no stress, no schedules and no hassle. Im not usually one for staying in my PJs until 10am but when things are always so full on why not just be good to yourself?

Being a mum is a hard job; looking after the kids (sometimes the OH), keeping on top of the house, working, looking after pets and trying to scrape any time to yourself. Today made me realise the importance of taking the foot off the gas and remember that self care is so important for a happy and healthy life. Remember the saying ‘happy mummy, happy baby’.

I am now going to give a new meaning to Twixmas- the time in between Christmas and New Year where you make no plans, stay in pjs until 10 and put everything to one side and completely relax.

Enjoy xx

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