Hinching the home

person using mop on floor
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

So after reading so much about Mrs Hinch and this cleaning craze sweeping every corner of the UK I thought I better get my ass in gear and see what all the fuss was about.

One minute I was checking out her instagram and the next I was following every man and his mop. I finally get it!!

It is so addictive and theraputic watching the before and afters and even all the in betweens. The tips, tricks and all the bargs to be had are hard to resist.

The more I watch the more addicted I become and with this in mind its no wonder my new favourite shops are B&M and Home Bargains.

Ive been intoxicated by the smell of bleach, cleaners, minky’s and Zoflora. the more I watch the more i strive for perfection in my own home. I’ve got the bug… not that bug… the cleaning bug!!

There is nothing I have been enjoying more than a deep clean and sanitisation. What has happened to me? From shake n’ vaccing the carpets to FC (fabric conditioning for those in the biz) and water in a bottle to save my ironing (not that I did any to start with).

As I am only working 2 days per week now I feel like its a good time to put in some elbow grease, clean the sh*t out of the house and try to be a super Mum (thats really hard to do when your trying to clean with a 2 year old stuck to your foot).

I might not be aceing the latter but I’m doing A-O-K on the first. Im going to use my Inst account to document my journey, stealing tips from all the good cleaning instas I can find.

Wonder how long this will last 🙂

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