The Terrible Twos

Roll on round 2… 6 years apart. The last time I dealt with terrible twos I honestly cant remember what I did, said or how I parented and now I’m thinking its because its was such a bloody nightmare that my subconscious has blocked it from my memory.

Well, that’s Charlotte FINALLY HIT. Yes, like every other baby she had her spats of random outbursts but nothing could have prepared me for the other night.

It was my mother in laws 60th and I, being the great daughter in law that I am, decided to have a little shin dig in the house for the immediate famalam.

Things were going great, timings right for the food, drinks flowing, kids playing nicely and then boom. Knee deep in sausage rolls I could hear Charlotte upstairs in my sons room. Doesn’t sound too bad except from the fact, whilst trying desperately to be a cool Mum and knowing Lewis wasn’t a big sweets fan, I had given Lewis a sweet drawer.

By the time my mother in law got up there Charlotte was stuffing her face with any and every sugar treat she could lay her sticky little fingers on. With this in mind I decided to let her burn off that excess sugar rush with a late night. Oh my was I wrong.

Bad move Mum!!!

By the time things were winding down (8pm because come on I’m not that good a host) Charlotte was 1.5 hours over her bedtime and still running about like a crazed banshee.

Surrounded by a room of family (Stevens side) with me trying sheepishly to dress Charlotte into her pjs she had a record breaker meltdown. When I say meltdown I mean full scale rage mode.

Because I wasn’t expecting it I actually had no idea what to do. I ended up trying to carry her into my room, away from prying eyes, until I could work out how I was going to parent this. Of course I started off with the ‘restorative chat’ but she couldn’t hear a word I was saying through the screaming, I tried the cuddle to calm- nope, I tried the silence trick- good try and literally one black eye and burst lip later I lost it and just put her into her cot.

Whilst this fiasco was going on everyone cleaned away the party and prepared to leave, so hey not all so bad?

Yes I looked like I had been assaulted and yes I probably looked like a terrible parent however, it did get me thinking. Imagine if she does this in public where this is no ‘cot’ safety net? I have no clue what the best strategy for parenting in this situation is? I know the situation was triggered by sugar and a late night (something which will not be happening again I hope) but I’m no fool- this is the tip of the ice berg and I fully expected these irrational explosions to happen a bit more regularly over the next year.

Another unexpected development in mumming is that Charlotte has started stripping down in our house (and others) and asks “look at my botty?” or “wanna see my tummy?”. Now I know she hasn’t been exposed to anything unsavoury and this is just innocent child fun however it freaks me out a little. I found it really funny the first few times but now I’m panicking that this happens and causes an awks situation???

What I need to know is- what has worked for you? Give me your tips.

I can trial these per meltdown/strip and try and find the best to share. I know each child is different but surely these is a parenting style that can help calm a child down, let them feel listened to whilst also showing a model for how to act? Am I asking for too much?

Help a Mum out!!

baby child close up crying
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