When are the kids old enough for chores?

When I was younger my siblings and I would need to carry out chores to ‘earn’ our pocket money. I know times have changed but it really got me thinking… am I denying my child the chance to develop basic skills for independence by doing all I do.

My eldest child will soon be 8 so with this in mind and his love of money I have set up a jobs board in the house. Each job will come with a visible cash incentive. Im not talking change the light bulb or cook the family meal, just the basics to get by and contribute to the house hold.

I decided to scour the web to find out what others were doing and what would be reasonable expectations. Here is what i found…

Allot of really OTT chores that I would never trust/ expect/ want my child to do at 8!!!

So here’s what I think is reasonable:

Making bed

Tidying room (putting toys away, hovering the floor and dusting)

Putting washed clothes away neatly in own drawers



Preparing own breakfast (including toaster once shown safe opperation)

loading/ emptying dishwasher

Setting table and clearing it

This seems like loads, right?

Well don’t panic, I’m not asking my child to do all these things at once. The chores are completely optional and ways in which he can earn a little extra pocket money. Its not about getting these jobs done its more about preparing him for the outside world and making sure he is a positive contributing partner/ member of society one day (something Im sure will be greatly appreciated!).

I, like most, LOVE Pinterest and found this really cute chores idea (its important for Lewis to have a visual aide to help incentivise him!)…


Got any other chore ideas or tips, feel free to drop a comment?



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