Slow Cooker Saviour

I’m not going to lie, when I first heard about a slow cooker a few years ago I didn’t really fancy the idea. The prep required, the thought of leaving it on for so long and the cleaning up at the end.

Well some things don’t change, as much as I LOVE my slow cooker now, the cleaning up at the end sends shivers down my spine. Because of the role it plays in the cooking process, the contents inevitably seems to get stuck and ingrained on the inside ceramic pot. My usual practise post cook was- steep, wipe, dishwasher and the scrub. What a faff!

Well, I (through friend recommendation) have now found an absolute life saver. Its called a slow cooker liner. This marvellous creation takes all the hassle out of cleaning. In fact it almost completely eliminates the needs to clean it at all. Place your liner in the slow cooker, add the ingredients, cook, serve, wait for the remaining contents to cool and then remove the liner and bin!

I buy these at Home bargains for less than a £1. However, if yours doesn’t stock them or you don’t have a HB near you then you can also buy them here at Amazon Slow Cooker Liners

You can thank me later!



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